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At Arrieta Graphic Design and Advertising we specialize in advising our clients on decision-making related to printing services, the materials to be used (both in stationery and in large-scale printing), choosing the best elements for every environment and and to meet every need.

Our professional printing and our high-quality materials ensure the best final products and results

Our team consists of highly-qualified professionals with years of experience on the field.
Impresión Offset

Offset printing is a method for reproducing documents and images on paper or similar materials. It consists of applying ink, generally oil-based, on a metallic sheet usually made with aluminum. This method is based on the principle that water and oil cannot be mixed. The metallic sheet is impregnated with ink only in the areas where there is a hydrophobic compound (one that repels water). The rest of the sheet is drenched in water so that it can repel the ink. The image or the text is transferred by pressure to a rubber shawl and then finally to the paper, using pressure.  
This is precisely what provides this printing method with an exceptional quality, since the rubber cover of the platen is capable of impregnating irregular and texturized surfaces with ink. This is obviously due to the elastic properties of rubber, something metallic platens don’t have.
The press is called offset because the design is transferred from the printing sheet to the rubber platen before reproducing the printing on paper. This method is radically different from previous methods such as lithography, in which the ink was transferred directly onto the paper.

This type of printing is the most commonly used for large-scale printing due to its obvious advantages in terms of quality, quickness and cost, which allows for large-scale printing at very low costs. Although modern digital printers (such as the Xerox iGen3) are close in the cost-profit ratio of offset printing, they are still not capable of producing large-scale printing (e.g. for a national newspaper). Besides, many modern offset printers use computer systems connected to the printing sheet, which improves its quality even more.
Nuestros Servicios Incluyen:

(Legal paper, business cards, books, magazines, leaflets, flyers, banners, posters, calendars)
Large-scale printing
Security Signs
Luminous Signs
POP material

For more information or for requesting printing services, please go to the pricing link. We will get back to you as possible.

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