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Condiciones de Servicio
Arrieta Graphic Design and Advertising, by Carlos Arrieta

1) Payment Method: 50% down payment at the beginning of the project and 50% at the delivery of final drafts.

2) Once the budget is agreed upon and the first payment is made, drafts will be periodically e-mailed to the client during the elaboration of the Project, so that the client assesses and approves them.

3) The artwork will comprise no more than 2 modification sessions or corrections, adjusting our ideas to your vision.

4) Any additional change will generate additional charges to be included in the budget and the bill. The cost of these changes will depend on their level of complexity.

5) The company commits itself to deliver the projects on the deadline established in the budget sheet, unless the client delays the revision of drafts, which could delay the completion of the project.

6) The client commits to making all the necessary revisions and corrections (sent by the company via e-mail or phone call) in a time period no longer than 10 working days. Should the client take longer than that, an additional charge of 50% of the total budget will be generated.

7) Once the 50% down payment is made, the client commits to cooperating in the completion of the project on the aforementioned time period. Should the client not comply, the company is not bound to reimbursing the down payment. The same applies when the situation described in 6 occurs.

8) We produce legal bills for all our projects.

9) The prices displayed on this web page include tax.

10) Any and all projects agreed upon (via e-mail, phone call or other) will be considered pending and will consequently be billed and not subject to reimbursement or re-making under the aforementioned considerations.

11) We have a comprehensive Art Portfolio, which you can check out on this web page or ask for via e-mail, so you can become familiar with our design style and criteria. This will ensure that the client will be satisfied with our design and will be able to adjust to the aforementioned conditions.

12) We will be ready to respond to any concerns you may have about any irregularities in the materials or projects delivered via e-mail, phone call or other.

13) We will not be held responsible for any errors (measures, spelling, color, format, definition, or other) on the materials that we are hired to reproduce.
Recomendaciones que se deben tomar en cuenta al momento de llevar un trabajo para impresión offset
Software or Supports: InDesing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, specifying its version and platform, whether it is MAC or PC. We do not final artwork designed in WORD, EXCEL, Publisher or PowerPoint. Should we receive any designs or artwork in these programs, these will be considered to be drafts for the elaboration of design (which would be charged separately).

Design: Pages must have a minimum 5mm margin on each side. Narrower margins compromise the cutting.

In documents which include setting up (such as books and magazines), we kindly request that you bring loose pages, since this will facilitate the process of drafting and printing. If it is a four-color project, any pantone ink must be transformed to this format, which will avoid the use of additional inks.

If pantone inks are used, the color code and number must be specified, to avoid any confusion.

Do not include any profile incrusted with color from Photoshop, since there could be unwanted changes.

Images: Please use TIFF, AI, EPS or PSD formats. Avoid using data compression formats.

They must be saved in CMYK format (without alpha channels and never in RGB, since this will result in black-and-white images or images with distorted colors).

Images should have a 300dpi resolution. The lower the resolution, the lower the quality of the final product.

We recommend that you link the images before incrusting them, this makes previews faster and guarantees the quality of the final product.

Do not deliver layered images in the case of Illustrator and Photoshop. These must be grouped in order to avoid any unwanted surprises in the printing of the final product.
Do not forget to include all the fonts you used. This will avoid changes in in the set up and the automatic substitution of fonts. In vector software, you need to trace the fonts (this will convert them in curves). This is particularly useful if the fonts have not been included.

Save an emergency copy of any delivered material. This is vital in case the material is lost or modified.

Elements that are not going to be printed must be erased, even if the are not visibe.

The texts in final artworks must have no spelling mistakes. The company will not be held responsible for these errors.

If the final artwork is not delivered with the aforementioned suggestions and needs to be prepared or modified for printing, there will be additional charges associated to these modifications and a final revision for client’s approval.
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Condiciones de Servicio
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